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The Elcometer 236 DC Holiday Detector The premature corrosion of a substrate is often due to the failure of its coating. Major causes of failure are flaws in the finished coating, these include pinholes, holidays, inclusions, thin spots and bubbles. The Elcometer 236’s convenient carry case allows the probe handle and accessories to be attached to the front making the Elcometer 236 ideal for field, site or laboratory nspection. Each unit provides the user with complete control on Voltage and Sensitivity settings. The Elcometer 236 minimizes the risk of additional damage to a coating and avoids the danger of coating popping off the surface which can occur with some high Voltage systems.

Key Features

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  • Ideal for field, site or laboratory inspection\r
  • Wide range of accessories available for various applications

Technical Specifications

Accuracy of Voltage Setting ±5% or ±0.2% kV
Display Resolution 0.01kV (15kV) 0.1kV (30kV)
Alarms Audio & Visual
Power Supply NimH 12V internal rechargeable battery, providing 10/12 hours continuous use
Battery Life 10/12 hours continuous use, the optional external battery pack can increase this to 20/24 hours of continuous use
Range of Coating Thickness 15kV: 0 - 3.75mm (approximate); 0 - 150mils (approximate)
Voltage Output 15kV: 0.5 - 15kV in 100V steps


  US Metric
Dimensions 6 x 7 x 3 in. 200 x 170 x 70 mm


  US Metric
Weight 6 lbs 3oz 2.8 kg