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The DryCal DC-Lite offers a primary flow standard that can be used for accurate calibration of all commercially available industrial hygiene and environmental air sampling pumps. Convenient features include AC/DC operation, a large alphanumeric LCD for flow rate, flow average with number of readings included in the average push-button read and auto-read of volumetric flow rate, automatic shut-off, a parallel printer port that interfaces with most PC-compatible printers - and no messy soap film. Three models of the DC-Lite Calibrator are available for rental: Model DCL 12K (10ml/min to 12LPM), Model DCL 20K (20ml/min to 20 LPM) and Model DCL 40K (1 to 40 LPM).

Key Features

  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Simple push-button operation

Technical Specifications

DC-Lite Medium Flow Range ±1% accuracy: 100ml to 7 lpm. Full flow range: 10ml to 12 lpm
Dc-Lite High Flow Range ±1% accuracy: 500ml to 30 lpm. Full flow range: 50ml to 30lpm
Air Flow Accuracy ± 2% single reading, ± 1% averaged reading
Power Sealed lead acid battery, 6 to 8 hours operation, or AC operation with battery charger


  US Metric
Dimensions 5 x 5\" x 2.75\"\" 127 x 127 x 70 mm


  US Metric
Weight 42 oz 1.2 kg