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Keeping a specific dew point is requirement for a trouble free plant operation. The mobile dew point measuring instrument DP300 is the ideal service instrument in a handy case. It measures relative humidity, temperature and the dew point up to 15 bars, easy, fast without annoying cable. In general humidity can be measured in all non corrosive active gases. With the pc software the measured data can be recorded in an Excel file and further parameters can be selected: ppm, g/m³, mg/m³, g/kg, atmospheric dew point. Special version up to 350 bars.

Key Features

  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Fast response time

Technical Specifications

Measuring range -80..20 °Ctd -20..70°C 0...99 % RH Via PC Software alternatively to the dewpoint, further parameters can be displayed: ppm V/V, atmospheric
T90 response time (90% of measured value) 10 s from -60 -20 °Ctd 3 min from -20 -60 °Ctd
Pressure range -1 up to 15 bar standard -1 up to 350 bar high pressure version (on request)
Display One line, resolution 0,1 Dew point (°Ctd) Relative humidity (% RH) Temperature (°C or °F) production setting
Display functions Min, Max, battery load
Output RS 232 PC connection, Interface (SDI) for PC Software
Input Battery load only with CS mains unit possible
Accuracy ±1°C td (-10...20°C td) Typical ± 2°C td at -40°C td
Temperature drift 0.2Ktd/K
Power supply Internal chargeable storage battery ( 4 x 1,5 NiMh AAA) for Approximately 15 h operation Display Low Batt max. 2 hours remaining operation t
Operating temperature -20...70°C measuring gas temperature 0...40 °C ambient temperature
Screw in thread G ½ stainless steel
Housing Polycarbonate


  US Metric
Weight 0.5071 0.23