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The Casella CEL 360 (sound level meter) data logging personal noise dosimeter is the most versatile noise-sampling instrument in the CEL range of personal noise meters available to hire. It is the ideal rental instrument for the professional occupational hygienist who wants to know whether the overall limit was exceeded during a working day (TWA). The data logging history profile function adds the vital information to the run data by storing the changing pattern of noise levels to show exactly when significant event occurred making this the perfect sound level meter for dosimeter applications.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive data logging function for complete results
  • Easy to start and collect data
  • Large non-volatile memory
  • Up to 50 separate runs saved in non-volatile memory

Technical Specifications

Measurement Ranges High range 70 to 140 dB
Frequency Weighting A, C for rms. C, Lin for peak
Response Fast, Slow
Exchange Rates 3, 4, 5, 6 dB, user selectable
Acoustic Accuracy ANSI S1.25 - 1992, Type 2 IEC 61252:1993
Peak Ranges Top 40 db of each range
Power Supply 9V alkaline, up to 40 hours operation
Time weightings Slow, Fast, Impulse, peak
Diplayed Parameters Lp, Lae, LAE, Leql, Lav, Lmx, Lmn, 5xLN%, actual noise dose %, 8 hr projected noise dose%, TWA (at both threshold levels), LEPd, duration of
Max time history size >220,000 data points


  US Metric
Dimensions 4.8 x 2.6\" x1.2\"\" 120 x 65 x 30 mm


  US Metric
Weight 11 oz 300 gm


Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, glasses, reflective vest, etc)
Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, glasses, reflective vest, etc)