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Pine carries combustible gas indicators capable of detecting the presence of any gas or vapor which, when combined with oxygen in free air, presents a potential hazard due to flammability/explosion. Common examples of locations where this instrument is used include storage tanks, confined spaces, manholes, tank cars, ships and shipyards, tunneling, pumping stations and hazardous waste sites. 




Bascom-Turner Gas-Explorer
Bascom-Turner Gas-Explorer


The Gas-Explorer™ natural gas and combined natural gas, CO, O2 and H2S detectors are intrinsically safe, microprocessor based instruments designed to test ambient air and flue gas over a wide temperature range. Gas Explorers are housed in a high-impact, ergonomic case, yet weigh only 24oz (680g).

Working features

  • Measurements over the range of gas from 20ppm to 100% gas
  • A calibrated Track Gas scale with quick response displays in 20 ppm intervals
  • Bar holing: Peak and sustained readings displayed at the end of a fixed time
  • Two speed pump: Intrinsically safe pump automatically set for the job at hand
  • Visual and audible alarms for all monitored gases
  • Optional Electronic Leak Sheets
  • Optional GPS capabilities
  • Optional Bluetooth functionality
  • Optional 1 Gas Calibration
  • Retrieve field and calibration data with DataLink4Access
  • Use the Explorer to become Method 21 Subpart W compliant


  • Three button operation (no menus) and an on-board operating manual
  • Automatic storage of up to 6 months of time and mode-stamped operating data
  • Automatic storage of calibration data from the last 24 calibrations
  • A USB interface for data transfer and docking calibration

Bottom Line

An affordable, rugged, accurate, easy to use detector for both construction and service personnel, now with Eletronic Leak Sheets.

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MSA Sirius Multi-Gas Detector
MSA Sirius Multi-Gas Detector

Provides users outstanding multifunctional capabilities by integrating a high-performance PID (photoionization detector) sensor into a four-gas detector. Users are able to simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic and oxygen-deficient atmospheres within one reliable, easy-to-use, durable unit.

Approvals & Standards



  • Chemical
  • Clan Labs
  • Domestic Preparedness
  • Fire Fighting
  • Gas Detection
  • General Industry
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Oil and Gas
  • Spray Painting
  • Telecommunications
  • Water/Wastewater
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