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Pine offers a range of HCN monitors, ideal for application in HCN isotope measurements, ambient HCN monitoring, air quality monitoring and of course, within health and safety. Models supplied by Interscan and Industrial Scientific, provide precise and reliable information for occupational safety and health professionals. Designed for survey work or continuous monitoring, they are ideal for leak testing, ventilation and board emission checking, for backing up a continuous monitoring system or for any situation in which hydrogen cyanide is a potential concern.

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T82 Single Gas Monitr HCN
T82 Single Gas Monitr HCN
The T82 Single Gas Monitor offers superior personal gas monitoring of any one of many toxic gases, plus oxygen, making it the ideal rental solution for a variety of toxic gas and vapor detection applications. With its plug-in “smart” sensors, the T82 automatically recognizes and adjusts to any sensor changes. Providing simplified, single-button operation and calibration functions, the monitors provide superior RFI shielding as well as STEL and TWA readings viewable on the top-mounted LCD display. Datalogging versions provide on-board storage of up to 90 hours of survey data and download within a Windows®-based software platform.
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