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Our X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzers from top manufactures such as RMD, Thermo Niton and Innov-XRF are capable of undertaking a variety of both industrial and environmental monitoring applications. Whether your job requires the analysis of alloy chemistry, grade ID, metal concentration in soil or screening of electronics and consumer goods we have an analyzer to fit your needs.

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Olympus DELTA DS2000 XRF Handheld Metals Analyzer
Olympus DELTA DS2000 XRF Handheld Metals Analyzer

See and feel the DELTA difference. The analyzer is compact and robust from probe to trigger to display, with sophisticated XRF technology that's better, faster, and more responsive. From initial boot-up to the final result, the DELTA is the optimum solution for all your analytical needs. The DELTA line gives you the ultimate experience in field-portable handheld XRF analysis, providing fast measurements with accuracy, precision, detection limit, and light element measurement capabilities built into a compact single-chassis frame wrapped in robust industrial-grade body casing.

The DELTA is a reliable and rugged analyzer that maximizes both speed and accuracy. Other XRF systems have trade-offs. They may be able to identify alloys quickly, however inexperienced operators may not be able to determine whether an ID is incorrect, or whether longer testing is required. So how does the conscientious inspector maximize testing speed without increasing the risk of mistaken IDs or erroneous readings? Innov-X's SmartSort solution automates all these decisions, enabling even inexperienced operators to maximize both speed and inspection accuracy. This powerful feature yields optimized throughput and accuracy, making the DELTA an extremely productive XRF for alloy inspection.


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