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Designed for testing for combustible gases or vapors in air, Explosimeters provide sensitive readings for confined spaces such as tank interiors, manholes and vessels, and other confined areas found in sewage treatment plants, refineries and paint factories. Regular users of this equipment include consultants, utilities, oil industry contractors, municipalities and mining and marine services.

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RAE Systems VRAE Hand-Held 5-Gas Surveyor
RAE Systems VRAE Hand-Held 5-Gas Surveyor

The RAE VRAE is a powerful hand held one-to-five gas monitor with built-in sampling pump and optional data logging. Sensors include new RAE dual range 0-100% Volume and 0-100% LEL, oxygen, and three or four smart, interchangeable toxic sensors may be added. The dual range combustible sensor can monitor explosive gases in an oxygen-free environment at percent-by-volume levels. The internal pump automatically shuts off and an alarm is activated if the remote probe tubing crimps or liquid is sucked onto the field-replaceable filter. It's durable Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries, powerful internal pump and rugged frame make it ideal for lead detection and site surveys.

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